Hello, and welcome to my blog on which
you will discover some clandestine recordings
of my singing voice.

I do this as a hobby, not professionally,
and I do with in a group called MelodyStuck
that contains my friends from all over the
country, and even some universes over.

Thank you for your indulgence.

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selancastsvalor says: Hey, I was linked to this blog by the commentary pdf on LOFAM3, and I had a question concerning the song "Hymn of the Horrorterrors". Would it be okay if I used the song for a flash animation I'm doing?

Hello!  That sounds like a wonderful project.  However, that song does not actually belong to me, but to totalspiffage, so I recommend you send her an ask and go from there.  As a quick explanation, she was Melodystuck Rose for a very long time, then went inactive in this group and I auditioned to replace her.  All of her old Melodystuck songs may be found here if you’d like to browse them.  I’m sorry I can’t help you any further!

I would like to send out a friendly reminder to my followers that I am personable and will take requests and suggestions for compositions to sing.

ARTIST // Melody Rose & Roxy
SONG // Telephone
ALBUM // Karaoke w/the Lalondes

Cover Image || Download || Roxy || Melody Rose

Here is a duet I have done with my ectobiological mother/daughter.  We had a rather fun time doing karaoke, and I hope we can do it again in the future.  Please enjoy!

ARTIST // Melody Rose
SONG // Die and Rise
ALBUM // Horrorterrors' Cry

Cover Image || Lyrics || Download || Melody Rose

This is the project I have worked on for quite the extended period of time.  I am rather joyous to finally showcase it on my blog.  A parody of the beautiful melodies by Imogen Heap, it is rather ethereal, and I hope my followers enjoy.

ARTIST // Melody Rose
SONG // The Questioner
ALBUM // Horrorterror's Cry

Cover Art || Download || Melody Rose

Here is a bit of an interim performance while I am working on a much larger endeavor to post on this blog.  I wrote the lyrics to this myself, basing them off Coldplay’s “The Scientist.”  I hope you enjoy.

The rain is falling, and yet I’m stalling

I’m scared here and you’re dead and gone
I’ve got to find you, tell you I need you
Tell you you’re all that I’ve got

They tell me their secrets, I ask them my questions
But maybe it’s just not enough
Running in circles, I’m so confused
Are they on my side or not?

Nobody said it was easy
I feel the darkness pull at my heart
Nobody said it was easy
But no one ever said it would be this hard
Oh, take me back to the start.

They were my guardians, they were my guides
Leading the way to the end
Now they’re my saviors, they give me answers
Singing their songs in my head

Tell you I love you, say that I’m sorry
But the words don’t quite come out
Facing my anger, feeling my pain
All I want to do is scream and shout

Nobody said it was easy
I feel the darkness pull at my heart
Nobody said it was easy
No one ever said this game would be so hard
I’m going back to the start

Ooooohhhhhhh [4x]


The Metamorphosis of Rose Lalonde for LoFaM 3.

Positivestuck is now open for business!


Hi guys! I’d like to introduce myself, I’m Sam, aka tumblr user vrixy and I started this blog to help anyone in the Homestuck fandom who wants support from some fictional characters.

Basically, you can anonymously (or not) send a character a message asking for advice and our chosen writer for that character will answer you and comfort you to the best of their ability.

That being said! We’re going to need writers.

All characters are open except for Rose, Roxy and Vriska.

Click here to set up an audition!

Click here to ask us a question!

Click here to see the blog!

I’ve personally found this sort of thing to be very kind and supportive, and I happen to be writing for myself on this blog.  If anyone is interested in this very important cause, I recommend you reblog this post and go to send in an audition.

ARTIST // Melody Rose
SONG // Going Grimdark
ALBUM // Horrorterror's Cry

Download || Cover Image || Melody Rose

This is a cover of a song one of my personal favorites, Repo! The Genetic Opera.  In this song, Nathan discovers his deep love for killing, regardless of what has happened in the past, and his personalities clash.  I related to this song, and it caused me to recall when I first turned grimdark and wanted to exact revenge on Jack Noir for killing my mother, John, and John’s father.  It was hardly glorious, but you might find that this song is.  I wrote the lyrics of my own accord.  I recommend you use headphones for this experience.

Dear mommy I am so sorry,
Can you forgive me for this?

Not the flighty broad, her own selfish daughter
What’d you think seer, that they’d live?

He got her

She’s the vengeful warrior, killing with her magic
She’ll chew you up and spit you out, ha, how’s that sound?
Better start running if her body’s glowing
‘Cuz tonight her rage sparks
You’re going grimdark!

Remember who you are… [I’m the seer!] (Remember what you did to mother)
Remember who you are… [I can’t see her] (Remember what you did to her! )

See them die!
See Jack glide!
Watch him slice!
What can you do, grimdark?
Feel my power rising!
Her rage unsurprising!
The dark follows where she goes!
Bring him down Rose!

Remember who you are… [I’m the seer!] (Remember what you did to mother)
Remember who you are… [I can’t see her!] (Remember what you did to her! )
Remember who you are… [I can’t remember] (Remember what you did to mother)
Remember who you are… [I can’t remember! ] (Remember what you did to her! )

I remember each and every whisper
From the horrorterrors 
I remember when I gazed upon them
They are my saviors
I remember, I remember!   
I remember darkness stretch before me
No more pain and guilt here
I remember all the rage that filled me, 
Filled with passion
I can’t remember, I can’t remember

I think my mom told me that she’d never hold me
Feels like ninety years since I became my own fears

I’m the dark horror in your bedroom corner
Nothing stands in my way
Now I’ve gone grimdark!

I can’t remember…

ARTIST // Melody Dave and Rose
SONG // Pesterlogs

Lyrics || Download || Melody Rose || Melody Dave

This is my first collaboration performance with my ectobiological brother, concerning an argument we have had concerning whether he would accompany me to journey to the Furthest Ring in order to obliterate the Green Sun.  I anticipate that you will enjoy this.

ARTIST // Melody Rose
SONG // HorrorTerrorized
ALBUM // Horrorterror's Cry

Cover Image || Lyrics || Download || Melody Rose